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AUSTAR provides automatic cleaning solutions for pharmaceutical companies' liquid preparation systems. The products consist of several different types among which are mobile CIP trolley, single-tank CIP workstation, double-tank CIP workstation and multi-tank CIP workstation etc. The CIP station can not only clean the cleaning target, but also can complete the self-cleaning and sterilization of the equipment itself. The system adopts 3D modular design with compact, beautiful and generous appearance. The tank, pump, heat exchanger, filter, valve, pipe, instrument and other main materials required by the system are all selected from international and domestic excellent brands to basically ensure the overall quality of the system. Hardware of equipment control system is selected based on standard modules widely used in the world, among which Siemens S7-1500 CPU is selected for the PLC and TP1200 Comfort series touch screen selected for the HMI. The program design, inspection and composition conform to the GAMP5 V-model and the software model is applicable to all S7 PLC systems. The program design is optimized with reference to GAMP5, which improves the stability of the program and ensures traceability of the system with support by relevant documents. The system can realize automatic control of production, cleaning and sterilization. To check whether the liquid preparation system can stably manufacture the quality products under various possible conditions in future, the system will be validated with major activities and tests including risk assessment (RA)/design qualification (DQ)/installation qualification (IQ)/operation qualification (OQ).

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