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AUSTAR can provide on-site piping network installation engineering for various clean utilities projects, such as PW and WFI.

PW and WFI are conveyed from the pharmacopoeia-compliant pharmaceutical water source to the point of use through the distribution pipeline. During the installation of the system, the slope of the pipeline and the quality of welding are in line with requirements, to ensure that there is no dead legs and the whole pipe network is drainable. According to client’s requirements, the POU valve can be elbow +T type diaphragm valve free of dead legs, U-bend + I-body valve, U-bend + common two-way diaphragm valve; cold POU with hot loop can be cooled by heat exchanger in the sub loop, tube-in-tube type, or heat exchanger cooling after POU according to different point properties.

The whole PW piping network can be sterilized with hot water, ozone, pure steam or superheated water at 121℃. The whole WFI piping network can be sanitized with pure steam or superheated water at 121℃.

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